Newsletter No. 218

Safety Officers under Thai Law

(March 2022, reading time approx.: < 1 minute)



In some industries, employers are required to, among other duties, appoint safety officers in accordance with the Occupational Safety, Health and Environment Act (“OSH Act”).

I. Required Industries:


IV. Violation:

The employer can be penalised by imprisonment up to 1 year and/or fine up to THB 400,000
(Section 53, OSH Act).

V. Summary:

Employers in the relevant industries must appoint and establish safety officers, safety department, and OSH committee as required by law. The employer must also have a regulation and guidance on work safety. Besides these duties, the OSH Act also sets out the criteria for the other occupational safety (e.g. light, sound, chemical, fire, electricity, crane, radiator, confined space, etc.) for the employers who operate in relevant areas. Additionally, there are safety consultant firms who can provide detail/technical consultations and practical solutions for the employers who are required to comply with safety laws.