Thailand Legal Update Week 21 – 22

Legal Update Week 21 – 22



(May 2019, reading time approx.: 2 minutes)






Highlights: – Drug price control measures took effect

 – Land Transport Act: presenting of driver license and points system

– Mediation Act: allowing mediation over criminal case

– Act amending Criminal Code: toughen law against sexual crimes

– Personal Data Protection Act and Cybersecurity Act

Thailand legal news


  • 21 May 2019:
    • Two consumers complained against private hospitals regarding overpriced drugs and medical services (THB 30,000 medical fees for a case of diarrhea, and unreasonably high medicine prices). These allegations are under the Consumer Protection Board’s investigation. If such complaints can be proven true, the board will proceed under the Act on Prices of Goods and Services B.E. 2542.
  • 23 May 2019:
    • Under the new Government Lottery Act, selling overpriced lottery tickets is subject to THB 10,000 fine (Previously, THB 2,000). This law also imposes new penalties e.g. THB 10,000 fine for selling lottery in educational institution or selling lottery to people under the age of 20.
  • 24 May 2019:
    • The Ministry of Tourism and Sports prepared to collect insurance fees from tourists during their stays in Thailand as per the new National Tourism Policy Act. The insurance fee model will be concluded within 6 months and the collected fund will be spent directly on tourists’ protection and natural resource recovery.
  • 28 May 2019:
    • The Cabinet approved a draft contract for the high-speed rail linked 3 airports project, between the State Railway of Thailand (SRT) and the winning consortium led by Charoen Pokphand group (CP), which is supposed to be signed on 15 June 2019. This mega project (THB 149 billion) was approved before forming the new government.
  • 29 May 2019:
    • From 1 October 2019 onward, failure to pay outstanding traffic fines will not be able to renew road tax. Expired road tax is also subject to fine not exceeding THB 2,000.
  • 30 May 2019:
    • Price control measures for drugs, medical supplies, and medical services took effect from 30 May 2019 onward. Three major principles consisting of “Fair Price”, “Consumers’ Choices”, and “Reasonable Treatment” will be applied.


New Cabinet resolutions

21 May 2019:

  • Approved Draft: Draft Office of the Civil Service Commission Regulation re: allowing civil servants (government workers) to continue to work after reaching 60 years old. This is available for some positions (e.g. academic expert or professional level, or general senior or specialist positions), to compensate for worker shortage and prepare for aged society problem.