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Thailand Tax

Transfer Pricingin Thailand (8 pages)

Newsletter No. 195 (EN)Transfer Pricing in Thailand   November 2021   I. Introduction When independent parties contract with each other, the conditions, especially the pricing, will generally be determined by market forces. This is however not...

Tax-deductible Allowances in Thailand

Newsletter No. 18 (EN)Tax-deductible Allowances in Thailand September 2020 Any income received for an employment carried out in Thailand or from a Thai employer is subject to personal income tax in Thailand (unless an applicable Double Taxation Agreement...

The Value Added Tax (VAT) System in Thailand

Newsletter No. 2 (EN)The Value Added Tax (VAT) System in Thailand   May 2017   The rate of Thai Value Added Tax is currently at 7 % Question:         In which cases does a company have to add Thai VAT on the invoiced amount?(A German company gets...

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