Newsletter No. 49 (EN)

Translation of Thai Personal Income Tax Forms

(June 2017, reading time approx.: < 1 minute)






I. Introduction

As filling in and understanding personal income tax forms can already be difficult in a language with which you are well acquainted, this is much more the case in a language you are not familiar with. In Thai it becomes even more complicated due to the different letters. Normally, expatriates get the form filled in by Thai staff. However, considering the liability you take by signing the form reveals how important it is to know what you are about to confirm with your own name.

We want to help you getting a better understanding of Thai personal income tax forms, the so called “PND.90”. Due to this reason, we have included hereto a translated version of the form. In case of any further question which may arise about this subject, please do
not hesitate to contact us.