Legal Update Week 15 – 16 (9 – 22 April 2019)


Thailand legal news

• 17 April 2019:
– Normally, a person will be listed in his/her own house registration. Under the new Civil Registration Act, fleeing an arrest warrant for more than 6 months may now result in the authority removing the name of the person with the arrest warrant from his/her home and move it to the central registration. This makes it difficult to transact with government authorities and makes it easier to trace such persons. Currently, there are over 700,000 individuals whose names are registered in the central registration. *Central registration is the classification made by official for a person that does not have a name in normal house registration. A person who has name in central registration cannot conduct legal transactions e.g. issuing ID card, election, etc.

• 20 April 2019:
– In April 2019, there was a widespread rumor that The Revenue Department (“RD”) will try to collect tax from all deposit interest. The RD responded that this was untrue. The current tax exemption for the deposit interest not over THB 20,000 per year will be maintained as it is, but the new official announcement of the RD merely aims to change the information collecting method to require the banks to supply information regarding the interest earned by individuals to the RD. Please find the official announcement from the RD on this link:………………………………………………………

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