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Thailand Legal Updates

Thailand Legal Update September Week 35-36 2020

- Postponement of land and building tax collection again by the end of October 2020.
- Social security contributions to be reduced for 3 months from September to November
- VAT to maintain at 7% for another year.

Thailand Legal Update August Week 31-32 2020

- The selected groups of foreigners permitted to enter Thailand
- The new 3 types of the factory categorized with the new fee rate
- Extend the period for the notification of residence for foreigners as of 26 September 2020

Thailand Legal Update August Week 33-34 2020

- BOI announced the increase in investment on medical industry.
- Phuket will be opened soon for long-stayed foreign visitors.
- The government launched additional supports for SMEs under special soft loans and credit guarantees.

Thailand Legal Update June Week 25-26 2020

- The measures issued by RD to help SMEs and its employees.
- Amending the Civil and Commercial Code on the corporate section.
- No longer required to re-submit a T.M.30, every time a foreigner temporary leaves the premises occasionally.

Thailand Legal Update June Week 23-24 2020

- The new developed measures issued by DBD to develop the online incorporate registration system
- Deduct the land and building tax payment amounting to 90 percent
- The withholding tax rate reduced to 1.5 percent by September 2020

Thailand Legal Update May Week 19-20 2020

- The Personal Data Protection Act (“PDPA”) will come into effect on 27 May 2021 after one-year postponement
- The Cabinet approved additional measures to help water users
- Lockouts and strikes are prohibited during the period of COVID-19