Business and Investment in Vietnam


Business and Investment in Vietnam


(June 2016, 25 pages, reading time approx.: 40 minutes)




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List of abbreviations


ASEAN          Association of South East Asian Nations

BCC              Business Cooperation Contract

CIT               Corporate Income Tax

DPI                Department of Planning and Investment

ERC              Enterprise Registration Certificate

FDI               Foreign Direct Investment

FIE               Foreign Invested Enterprises

IRC              Investment Registration Certificate

JSC             Joint Stock Company

JV              Joint Venture

LLC            Limited Liability Company

LOE           Law on Enterprises dated 26 November 2014

LOI            Law on Investment dated 26 November 2014

Legal        Rep. Legal Representative

MC            Members’ Council

MMLLC    Multi Member Limited Liability Company

MOST      Ministry of Science and Technology

MPI          Ministry of Planning and Investment

PPP        Public Private Partnership

Rep.        Office Representative Office

SMLLC   Single Member Limited Liability Company

WTO       World Trade Organization





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